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Ahhh, Align, Arabesque, Augment, Alleviate.







The Energy Galore ” Check 5 and Stay Alive” programme is a  system of physical awareness solutions to give all people more  accessible methods to Check IN with their most important  assest. It will guarantee increased functionality and mind/body  connectivity to literally change the way you move, leading to  ease and grace in all physical energy, in any context and at any    time.


Powerful, Functional and Effective Workouts only 20 minutes a day!

Energy Galore is an Exercise Revolution that consists of a unique and powerful blend of functional flexibility, core and balance stabilisation and movement, strength and conditioning.

Energy Galore” is an eclectic blend of many forms of popular mediums of exercise currently performed in isolation and packaged together for maximum efficiency and impact on both mind and body. It combines creatively compounded movement (based on our evolutionary history) with unique fluidity and grace of movement to provide efficient and effective holistic workout patterns in 20 minutes a day.

“Energy Galore” will deliver a more instantaneous way to exercise in any context thus ensuring better long term maintenance of these programs and health practices.