We are committed to providing excellence in exercise prescription, nutrition empowerment and lifestyle auditing to create more useable energy for you, your workplace and your home.

Using fitness protocols as a solid base from which to create this energy, we programme each individual with pro-active strategies to uptake and create more energy in their lives, making exercise integral and the solid foundation from which both workplace and family benefit.

Our health and wellness solutions are unique and created to empower pro-active attitudes towards a culture of being present for all consistently.

It is for all people wanting to achieve the best from themselves and who recognise the most important asset to their business – the people with whom they work.

We are certain this will become your sustainable competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

“The most powerful computer on earth is the mind and body working together in true harmony”.



“I personally guarantee you will be given all the skills and motivation to build your best body in a 12 month period and sustain it for life!
Let’s build a new platform for health and fitness as we join in a new collective and positive energy. Look forward to hearing from you.
High energy,”