Energy Galore: ATM

The Energy Galore 500

We request the pleasure of your company and your colleagues to join us in a
revolutionary body awareness and movement campaign to be integrated into your
Organizations from 2015.1

The Check in with Your Five and Stay Alive Programe asks you to explore
with us the human enigma of physical excellence that can profoundly shift your reality
of optimal human health and performance.


Energy Galore focuses on Human Energy and Human Potential. Energy Galore Vision involves a total commitment to supporting their clients to -:

1. Explore and unlock their human potential to core and BREATH energy.
2. Find and invest in their naturally aligned and BALANCED strategy for personal
human development.
3. Develop a rhythmic BEAT where they recognize and listen intently to the natural
cadence and cyclical flow of the earth s resources.
4. Deliver and BOOST their skills and capacity to generate wealth.
5. Provide valued and problem-solving services to society being able to BEND with
flexibility to deliver these solutions locally, nationally and globally.




The programe is delivered over a 5 month period and can be commenced at the start of
any month within a calendar year.
Specific frequency and duration of sessions performed within any given month over the
five month program will be established after lifestyle audits with participants in any given


1. Core Energy Galore

This is your relationship with the area in your body from your neck to the base of your pelvis otherwise known as  our pelvic floor. There are hundreds of tiny innervations made over three levels of musculature in your abdomen that control your posture, stomach health, heart and brain health.

An individual with increased connection to their physical core is more -:

1. Unconditional in the workplace
2. Honest
3. Consistent
4. Loyal
5. Kind

2. Alignment/Balance Energy Galore

This is the relationship you have to your internal balance mechanisms in the body through the symmetry and control of your right and left sides. When you can isolate your right and left sides more independently you have greater control over your physical energy and also over the right and left sides of your brain, which deal with
different cognitive and emotional processes.

An individual with increased connection to their physical alignment and balance is more -:

1. Authentic in word and deed
2. Able to make clearer decisions more consistently
3. Reliable
4. Centered
5. Trustworthy

3. Rhythm Energy Galore

All of our exercises are to be executed with Rhythm and cadence. When the body recognizes its own personal rhythm it can perform better when faced with trauma and or/poor health both emotionally and physically. All repetitions of these exercises should be executed with an even concentric phase and eccentric phase working with the breath.

An individual with increased connection to their natural rhythm and flowing energy is more -:

1. Relaxed under stress
2. Graceful
3. Vibrant
4. Colorful
5. Enigmatic
Rolling with Rach!

4. Resistance Energy Galore

These resistance exercises are all about training the underlying movement and not the muscle. The muscle will only get stronger when neural pathways are laid down that ensure a correct neuro developmental approach to conditioning. They recognize the need for a holistic approach to developing optimal resilience for the body. These exercises are compound in the movement pathways i.e. work a number of muscles and stabilizers and are based on our evolutionary history.

An individual with increased connection to strength and resistance is more -:

1. Resilient
2. Perseverant
3. Sustainable
4. Enduring
5. Determined

5. Flexibility Energy Galore

Stretching and lengthening your muscles is an absolute necessity to recognize tightness and compression in your muscles and joints that may be limiting your performance in all areas of life ,business, family and community relationships, sexual and otherwise.

An individual with increased connection to their physical flexibility is more :

1. Collaborative
2. Free
3. Calm
4. Aware
5. Giving

We welcome you to explore and dive deeper into the Energy Galore Ocean of Hidden movement treasures, which will unlock the secrets to your best vibration in sustainable movement.

This event will be an annual experience for all people to feel and reinforce the necessary patterns for a healthier and naturally vibrant world and community.

The powerful combination of artistic, sensory, scientific, ecological and psychological learnings in this programe position it as the most unique and effective educational tool available on this planet today for all people at any stage of their development.

Join us in our quest for a more connected, balanced and compassionate community.

Let’s keep Australians MOVING in the best Direction !

Check 5 – and Stay Alive -Find your Balance.
Please find out about more about our project below.

Top 20

Physical Check in’s Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace

At Energy Galore it’s all about rocking and rolling your way to move with Ease and Grace.

1. Rock the balls of your feet into the earth

2. Unlock your knees and roll them forward

3. Roll your tailbone under your pelvis and rock your hips back

4. Roll your shoulders inward and downward toward your spine and rock
them into place

5. Roll your collarbone outward to each shoulder edge

6. Roll your breast bone upward and rock the armpits into the side of the

7. Roll the corners of your mouth upward (because you’re never fully
dressed without a smile)

8. Rock your chin into your chest and roll your spine downward, rocking
your hips backwards until your hands touch the floor

9. Rest your hands on your shoulders and rotate your upper body right and
left, rolling your rib cage over your waist

10. Rock and roll from the ball of your floor to your heel, right and left.

11. Rock your ear down to one shoulder and roll your other shoulder away from your ear.

12.Roll your hands together behind your bottom and rock them up and
away towards your back.

13. Roll your chin to your chest, rest your hands on your head and wrap
your elbows toward your temples.

14. ( Seated) Rock your foot up on one knee, roll the knee outward and rock
your chest forward over your shin.

15. ( Seated) Roll both legs in front and rock your chin downward and
forward toward your toes.

16. Rock your bottom towards the floor and roll your arms upward beside
your ears resting the hand together at the top of your head.

17. Rock and roll your hips and draw some radical figure 8’s.

18. Roll your elbows on to of one another in front of your body and rest your
hands together- rock them upward toward your face.

19. STOP- take 5 breaths in and out and find your voice tune.

20.Check 5 and feel Alive- Butterfly hands – tap thumb with pointer, 3rd
finger , 4th finger, pinkie – then thumb to pinkie, 4,3 ,2 in reverse.